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Mesk Ellil
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Mesk Ellil or 'La Nuit Galant' means in Arab white flower that blooms with the moon and gives off a deep fragrance of jasmine and linden.
Subtle and generous, Moroccan cuisine offers a combination of flavours, smells and colours to delight the eyes and palate.
The variety of the dishes, mainly of Arabian origin, suffered several influences Indian, Berber and Jewish.
Spices play an important role. Saffron, dill, cloves, coriander, ginger, paprika, cumin, pepper and turmeric are very often used.
MESK Ellil offers a delicious culinary journey through the rich gastronomic heritage of our country, offering the most traditional dishes of Morocco. The essentials are the tagine in all its forms, the couscous and the pastilla; without forgetting the delicious Moroccan cakes and the famous mint tea.
In the kitchen, a team of Marrakchies cooks who have perpetuated their culinary heritage from mothers to daughters.

The intimate atmosphere and its eclectic design, make the unique decoration that characterizes MESK Ellil.
To fully enjoy a Moroccan experience, we offer from Thursday to Saturday an instrumental animation (lute or darbuka Oud).

Opening Hours:
Open every day of the week 12.30-3.30 pm and from 7:30 to 00:45 pm. Closed on Sundays.
For your convenience, we offer you a parking service.
Private dining room

Private dining room

The Mesk Ellil is ideal for groups and events thanks to its perfect layout.
The restaurant has capacity for 60 people.
You can also book the room for parties, birthdays or other special events.
The Mesk Ellil offers a unique gastronomic experience. Our guests will receive a warm welcome in the purest Moroccan style and impeccable service.

For group bookings send an email to meskellil@jmsuiteshotel.com or contact us on 0661 37 88 67, at least 72 hours in advance.
Catering service

Catering service

Our chef puts at your disposal your selection of products and know-how to organize your buffets, private receptions or business.
From 50 to 500 people, everything is organized to ensure your events are perfect.

For any request, send an email to: Meskellil@jmsuiteshotel.com