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JM Spa is opened Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00 to 21:30.

End your journey with peace, tranquility and relaxation. The JM spa is a luxurious sanctuary of spa treatment rooms inspired by the Thai and Moroccan traditions.

The Zen-like atmosphere, the scent of floral essences, the gentle lighting and the soft music combine to create a little piece of Thailand and an invitation to unwind and relax.

For anyone who dreams about finding a temporary escape from day-to-day stress and strains in a magical place, the answer is to let yourself go in the pleasures of a massage as a way of awakening the senses and liberating the mind. Rebalance your body and soul in a way that can only to be found at the JM Spa.


The JM spa invites you to enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation.
The Spa features 4 wellness cabins and offers you a wide range of exclusive and traditional treatments such as an authentic Moroccan Hammam.

2 Hammam zones with water care
4 Polyvalent cabins for body treatments
1 traditional Thai cabin
1 Fitness Center with full state of the art Technogym equipment
1 Sauna
Protocols and cosmetic care products by Charmes du Maroc


Our Thai therapists are graduates of the most prestigious massage training schools in Bangkok and will offer you a range of traditional Thai massages using authentic techniques that are part of their cultural heritage.


Traditional Thai Massage - Nuad BO-Rarn - has its origins in Shiatsu, Indian Massage and Yoga.
The fundamental principles are based on the use of deep manual pressure applied to energy points and lines, known as ‘sen”; we know about 72000 points in the human body. In practice, however, only 10 are used in the Thai Massage. Thai Massages are the art of touching.

The pressure applied from the palms of the hands helps you to relax. The stretching movements involved in Thai Massage aid relaxation and revitalization; the release of tension will make your body more flexible.

Traditional Thai Massages are carried out lying on the floor, covering the whole body, and starting with the feet and finishing with the head. Practiced over thousands of years, the Thai Massage is an invitation to awake all the senses and achieve mind and body harmony.

The Traditional Thai Massage is not recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from cardiac conditions or diabetes.

The Thai Aromatic Oil Massage alternates smooth movements with the application of deep pressure; it also involves tapping and friction movements for the relief of tense muscles. Kneading the muscles with the palms of the hands is designed to relieve the effects of stress, and to re-balance the flow of energy around your body.

The effects of the oil are calming, purifying and they ensure a deep relaxation. You will experience a total well-being by the beneficial effects of the carefully-selected essential oils used in this massage, including Jasmine and Green Tea. We are also using a specially designed anti-stress mixture from the “Panpuri” range which is available at the best spas in Thailand.

Thai Aromatic Oil Massages are a relaxing combination, allying the virtues of the specially selected aromatic oils with the effectiveness of the Thai massage.

These Aromatic Oil Massages are at the same time relaxing and invigorating.

Originated from a Chinese Massage around 3000 years ago, Thai Foot Massage involves a massage right up to the groin area. Using a Camphor and Menthol scented cream; the massage involves a series of drainage and pressure movements on the “Sen” meridians.

Foot Massage involves the Reflexology of the sole, the upper part of the foot, and the sides are stimulated using a traditional wooden stick. The effects are immediate, powerful and long lasting.

All the parts of the foot and leg are treated, even under and between the toes. During the « Thai Foot Massage », the leg is kept wrapped up in a towel, to relax the muscles, and then, a deep pressure is applied to the energy lines and points. Thai Foot Massage is part of the Thai culture and, down the ages, has become a way of life.

If you take them regularly, this very effective massage helps physical wellbeing and makes daily life more harmonious. Thai Foot Massage lasts for an hour and ends with a back, arms and head massage.

This truly Moroccan Hammam experience takes you on a journey through time and tradition.

Discover this traditional Hammam experience in our luxurious Spa. Traditional black soap is applied to your body, followed by an exfoliation using a kessa glove. The ghassoul body mask, made from clay found in the Atlas Mountains, will allow your body to detoxify. Expect an unforgettable Moroccan experience.

First, the steam from the hammam and a gentle brushing with a kessa glove will work together to exfoliate your skin, then a traditional rhoussoul mask is applied to detoxify and remove impurities.

During this hammam experience for sensitive skin, an orange flower scrub works with the gentle heat of the hammam to leave skin feeling as smooth as velvet. A ghassoul clay mask rinsed with flower water completes this relaxing treatment.

Jm Fitness center

Jm Fitness center

Open 24h to provide you a basic but sufficient equipment : Technogym Stationary bike; Technogym Treadmills, Technogym, Free weight, Complimentary towel service.